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You have such great talent! I'm sure it will work out. They'd be crazy not to use you.


I agree with Gina-super duper talent. Try not to bite those nails too much. Maybe a hot cup of coffee or tea may help. I wish it could be "right" the first time too. I am not sure if that knot really goes away-maybe it just becomes a smaller knot over time. Anyway, hope it goes well.


Thanks so much Gina and Holly. Both places emailed be back and I got the all clear to go to finish. What a relief. One of the places seemed so "blah" about my sketch when I sent it in that I was just sure they were going to have a long list of revisions. But thankfully no. Just to add more clouds! PHEW!

Sweet pea

Yep, I know that feeling well. And it doesn't seem to get better with time, all part of the experience I guess! I am glad it all worked out for you. Now you get to the best part - making the illustrations!

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