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Well said, Roz! What a great take on "Monster"! And your cute, illustrated monster makes sense, too, because, the "envy monster" does come across as not so dangerous. Thanks for the lesson!

Bron Smith

You have a very cute style...and very time consuming, since you do it by sewing. Very nice.


You are very inspiring, Roz. I love how you hit the nail on the head every time. Thanks for keeping me going!


and here I sit thinking, gosh, Roz is moving along so quickly, I need to step it up!

Sweet pea

Very nice! Makes me want to start digging around in my sewing box! I love all the little details!

Wee Cottage

Roz, I love your work. No need for a green monster for you! Although I think we all feel like this at one time or another - (and I thought I was the only one)!

Your purple monster is very cute. I love the texture in her body created by the stiches. Simply wonderful!


great name and image for that annoying, self-deafeating little monster. so glad you shared this, now i feel a bit better about feeling so darn jealous sometimes.


Love your little green eyed monster and your words were just what I needed at the moment. Thanks for sharing!


i was excited while going to your site to see what kind of monster you have created and this green eyed monster is adorable. at least it's only her body who's not green and you have made a face that can really describe her being a little pain in the bottom.

guilty! i sometimes use the word envious in my comments and yes it is true it's more of yearning. anyway, i always try my best not to forget to count my blessings everyday and sing my praises to God.

nice post! have a nice day, too!


Rozzie - it is SO WONDERFUL how you share your struggles and challenges so transparently with all of us! What a blessing to be able to come by your site and read about myself and see that I am not alone :o) Your inspiration has been such a constant for me - thanks for all you share with all of us. And my oh my, your felt art is off-the-charts cute and amazing! Love love love it!! Keep it up girl - you're a real blessing!!


Ha ha! Well your little monster is cute and I think we can all relate. Sounds like you handle it very well. I think you are amazing and do amazing work Roz. Keep it up.


ya know i have met Miss Prissy and she is a pain in my tush!!! Great work as always!!!


what a happy monster ! very cute!!


A monster with a message, a good message too. Cleverly done!


I, too- am battling Miss Prissy these days. A good hot bath does help. She's really cute though (and stylish!)


Thanks so much everyone, I'm glad you liked the post. Here's to Miss priss stomping everywhere!



This monster is absolutely adorable and I love the stitching-it adds such a unique touch. You musn't compare yourself to others, you are one of a kind, a true gem and very very talented. Let that be your guide every day. Remember, God doesn't create mistakes! :)

Thank you for your lovely comments and for never ending support and friendship!


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