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Great post Roz!


Thanks Holli!


great post, i think i'll link it, great advice and comparisions. :)

Amy Moreno

What a fantastic post. I love the analogy..it's great...fun that your daughter contributed too!


Kellie Pickler, hands down! No guy stands a chance with her around... except for maybe Chris Daughtry. Man, he's good.

Anyway, thanks for the great blog Roz! This is sage advice that I think I'll post on my bullitin board.


haha! This is great!


I am a closet idol girl myself! Wait until I show my hubby this! Great Roz!!!

Leslie Clark

I knew I would find you in here! I loved this analogy! You are such a good writer!!!!!!!! Lainey girl would be so proud of you. I am waiting to see YOUR book cover up on your site.
oh, and I love Idol. I am not even a closet Idol lover. Gary and I are full fledged hooked. hahahaa
I love Taylor. I am itchin to hear him play that harmonica.
I love a lot of them. IT will be close this year. I even love
that sweet kid my husband calls Charlie Brown. I spaced his name... duh.
Anyways, we miss you in the cafe!

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