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hook'm horns! wahoooooeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!


Okay, even being married to an Aggie, we both had to cheer at last night's game. That fourth quarter was amazing! VY rocks, and I think he knows it! :D Can you imagine what it was like in Austin last night?


Whoo Hoo! What a game!


I know wasn't it something? Yeah, I bet there was some serious partying going on last night and probably still today! I bet Vince Young will get the Heisman this year. Okay, probably totally mispelled that, but you know what I mean!


Glad to see you're a UT fan too!! That was my Alma Mater. It was one of the finest football games I have ever seen. My hopes were dashed and resurrected so many times - it was gut-wrenching to the last. What a wild ride!! And Vince Young is a hero - how great it is to watch someone use their gifts with all their might - kinda like you Rozzie!! Your current work projects sound so fun and your sketch is GREAT! And, yes I have made it safe and sound to Houston and FINALLY have my DSL installed and my computers set up - so blogging is not far behind! HUGS! - Becky

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