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Gorgeous!! I totally agree! The colors are so beautiful!!


WOW, Roz!! Damn right you can be proud !! that is soooo wonderful!! And one day when they will be grandchildren... ;-))

Lain (Knit and Purl Grrl)

Fun fun FUN! I have an article in my "inspirations" file about a woman who publishes CPBs and has designed her whole house around them... And you have some of our favorites in your photo, Peek-A-Moo and One Moose, 20 Mice!



Oh, that one on top looks pretty good! I heard it got really great reviews too--sure to be a collector's item in the years to come! I hope you have a first edition.

Paige Keiser

AH ha! Snow Bear Book! ;-) You should see my room Roz - I have children's books on shelves, in my closet, under my bed, and several piles take up about a quarter of my room on the floor! I just ordered 7 used ones recently to add to the growing number - I think they are going to form into a giant book monster and eat my while I'm sleeping....


I can never give up books. Looks like a great collection. Cheers!


These books looks great Roz. I know the feeling of having to many books ... but I just have to buy more.


Roz, I remember when I moved to Texas and found my stash of picturebooks. Only thing is, I've added about twice that many books since living here. Are you getting involved in SCBWI there?


Roz - great books - they are priceless sources of inspiration! I LOVE how your Moooooving piece came out- so colorful and fun!! In my Studio Friday entry I've got the packing/moving thing going in reverse - I'm moving from Colorado back to Houston, so I'm saying a brief farewell to my books and other goodies as I pack them away - I'm already looking forward to the day when they get to spill out all over my new space again and take over :o) Blessings to you my dear felty friend!

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