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Hey Hedge,
It looks great! Simply Moovelous!
Looking into my crystal ball, I see great things for you in 2006!


totally adorable!


It turned out so cuuuuute! I love cows, these two look so happy cavorting through the meadow.


UGH. Vista Print is awful! They've lowered their prices for a reason. Check out their report on the BBB (bbb.org) No customer service and their images are MUCH darker than the original image. I recommend http://www.overnightprints.com/

Paige Keiser

Oh ROZ!! It's wonderful! This illustration cheered me up today, thank you!


Really cute, Roz! Love all the stitching, especially the little cow tails!


Roz, it's so cute!!! This is going to be a great postcard, what a way to start the new year!


Looks fantastic! Hope it gets you lots of great projects.


Thanks so much everyone and a special thank you to Shano for the forewarning! I'll check out overnight prints.

Mootastic Morag

I love the way it turned out. Especially how the cows look so felty.

Mootastic Morag

Boy that's what I get for posting before reading prior posts...you did make it out of felt. Silly me.


That is really cute - I love all the stitching on it and the colours!

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