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Health, Happiness and Prosperity for you in 2006!!

I loooooooove this illustration! It is just adorable Roz!


Happy New Year, Hedge!
My theme for the past year was "The year of Play" and I've played well.
I haven't sat to think about what the New Year Holds for me or what it's theme will be--I guess I'll leave that for tomorrow's project.
Meanwhile, Be still, be quiet and listen--I'm talking to you.Missy.


It all sounds wonderful. I like the part about being still and listening. Well done. Here is to a another successful year! Cheers!


I need to take the time to listen to what my instincts are telling me and most importantly trust and not second guess every move I make.

What a WONDERFUL resolution!


Happy new year Roz! It's great to hear about your accomplishments in 2005, and I'm looking forward to see what creative projects comes your way this year.


Happy New Year! It's so great to see you full of confidence and zeal! I can't wait for myself to get to that point. :) (I'm working on it!) Thanks for all the kind comments, and nice suggestions. I can't wait to read your article on blogging.


Great resolution! The funny thing is I'm working on your 2005 resolution for this year. I feel I will have a good 'coming out' year with my work. We shall see!

I've visited your blog a few times but never commented. I guess the new year is a good time as any!


Wow! You had an exciting 2005! Here's to continued success with your illos. I wish you all the best. Can't wait to see what this year brings for you. (And may your deadlines be stress-free.)


Wonderful comments, Roz. Good luck to you this year, and may your dreams keep turning into reality!

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