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You are definitely influenced by your British half, hee, hee! Chintz, gardening,... ;-) I love that! I love Laura Ashley interiors, but most of the German stores have disappeared :-( Do you speak any Japanese?


Great post !
I don't live in a cottage, but I do live in Devon, you can always come visit. : )


Hey Rozzie, we could be neighbours with both our little british cottages!! :-D Now wouldn't THAT be something?! I LOVE IT!! Hey Lyn, watch out, we'll be coming over to you!!!
Oh and that store of yours, Rozzie! I'm in for it in case you need a partner, hahah! Sigh! The british have such neat stores! Oh and of course we'd watch Corrie all the time and drink tea but ....finer tapping on the nose!! ;-)


My English half asks your English half, "WHAT?!?!? No Eastenders?!?!?"

Hee...fun answers Roz!


Goosebumps??!! It's must be all that time away. ha ha

So what's wrong with a little stroll on the beach at sunset?

Take this list to 100!!!


Great list. I too have succumb to Spongebob's charm! Ya I have an accent thing going on as well- it is a french canadian+brit combo that always keeps them guessing. Oh well. I just tell them I sound like my Mum! Cheers!


Ooo, I'll bet eloping to Scotland was as romantic as it sounds. :) No requests for a barf bag from me, getting goosebumps upon seeing the love of your life is as it should be--no matter how little or how long you've been married!

Mmmm, cheesecake. I think gained a pound just thinking about it...


I love spongebob and my mom would say that was silly. But my son and I would watch all the cartoons. I think they are a hoot! I lived in Scotland, outside of Edinburgh, Dundee, an excellent place to get married! I love the 20 things about you.

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