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Isn't Valentine Cute! Love it!


What a cutie! Now that she´s finished, I love her even more! And I like your idea for the story very much, as I think there are hardly any good books on that subject for kids! I would have felt a lot more normal as a kid, I´m sure, if there had been stories with moving and relocating as the subject. I always felt like only our family was always on the move! Not that it was bad all the time, but I didn´t always want to be different than the other kids. Books would have given me the feeling that there are other people out there making the same or similar experiences.


She's very cute, Roz!


Hey, that looks like a winner! Valentine...hmmmm...wonder where that came from? Real life makes the best stories, dontcha think? Glad to see you are living in the today or rather the NOW.


Love her little heart shaped spot! Very cute!


I'm in love with your pooch. So sweet!

Good luck and happy moving vibes! Don't get too overwhelmed!! Take good care of you!


Thanks everyone, I had a lot of fun with this one!

Paige Keiser

Rozzie! The illustration is sooooo cute! Nice character design!

Amy Moreno

What an adorable image. Love the name Valentine and the heart shape on her eye. Kids will love her.
Sorry to hear you are moving! Just the thought of it can be overwhelming. I'll send prayers up for a smooth transition in every detail, for the kids and all of you. I can't imagine how you are getting any art done!

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