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Ooooh, soooo sweet! What a fantastic time you guys are having!! :-D I loooove it!!!!!


Very nice and cute family pictures!


Ha, ha, ha! What a fancy dog! She´ll make it just fine, hee, hee! Thanks for the giggles!


Okay, now I want to meet Valentine!


Hahahha! what a fun photo montage, Roz!


Roz, what a sweet dog, I like her Los Vegas look with the cool glasses!!

Paige Keiser

She's a true star Roz, it's appropriate that she is starring in your book. :0)

p.s. your son looks like a mini-version of your hubby!


Oh, Roz, Valetine looks like SUCH a sweetie pie! You can tell how much she loves your cutie kids, and you can tell how well-loved she is. Awww!


Too cute!! I love it that your board book character is Valentine too - wonder where you got the name? :o)Is she a Border Collie" I have an Aussie - they're quite similar in looks. Thanks for photo montage - she's a glamour pup if I ever saw one!


That picture of Val staring down Emily is hilarious! He looks like he's pleading with his eyes. I wonder what will happen if he doesn't get any.

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