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Oh...I love this! I wish I had the patience to learn how to do anything artistic. I love the idea of a pet show gone awry! Very cute.


Great and funny syle!
It's a collage non digital? It looks beautiful.
Nice work. I like the expressions on the characters.

Ray Dillon

Very nice! I like your technique.


What a great promotional postcard, I really like all the action.


Roz, it's so wonderful! I love it!

RYC, thanks much for letting me know I'm not the only non-teen watching teen reality tv. =) And I hope you wound up enjoying your daughter's birthday sleepover!


Wonderful, fun, inventive and really full of excellent details! I love the fish 'escaping'. We used to have "pet Sunday" at our church... this looks a lot like that.


it's beautiful!


Your works are adorable, I love them:) I also use this kind of fabric as aplique for my embroidery designs. I find your style distinctive and inspiring. When you look at them you want to touch them to feel its texture!


I like the chaos in this one. The escaping fish is great.


Hi Roz,
Thank you for your comment. The store you saw in my blog is opened this week:) I am the designer of the brand "Karamela" and everything you see in the photos are my own designs. Even the interior! I am designing the garments and the graphics on them. I can also do the embroidery digitizing using punchant software.And prepare the samples using embroidery machines. I also designed tags, packages and other stuff. I like my job too much because I love to design for kids:)
I am waiting your precious comments about it..


Oh I found your link by Pino way :D... Cool drawings!!!! :)



I love it! So many little details to look at. Simply wonderful.


I love this. Your work is very unique and detailed. I appreciate the time it must have took to complete this. You are very talented.


wow, everyone. Thanks for the support. YOu have inspired me today!


This is how I felt my classroom looked today! This is fantastic.
How are you guys doing? I couldn't remember if y'all had moved from S.A. yet. We're about to brace ourselves for crazy weather this weekend.


Adorable and fun! I love it.


great illustration, i love all the little details and the colors are so vibrant.


Ohh was take a look your blog for see new work!!!! :D.. I hope your post more :D


Hee, hee! ThatĀ“s what our dog loved to do, too, when he was still living on this earth. The love of his life was Candy, an irish setter. He chased her all around my parents house and garden and when they finally lay down next to each other he started licking her back until it was all wet and she looked like she had just had a bath in the river!


Beautiful Roz! I thought this was a book cover at first. Hey, how did the covers with PFC go?


Wonderful, I love the little dog !

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