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Paige Keiser

BOOOOOY do i need that book! Roz, you rock! My computer room is such a mess right now, and instead i'm reading blogs when i should be cleaning. i'll read your post a few times and maybe it will inspire me to do some cleaning of my own.. :)

Good luck w/ ur house - hope it sells for a bundle!


Good Lord, I'm sure this post must have been written for me .


Sounds like you're super organised, more time freelance work and play sounds great.


I am a big fan of child slave labor myself. Perhaps I should obtain a third child. Only then would my home would be super clean.

Oh wait. My husband kinda is a third child and my house still isn't clean for more than three minutes.

Maybe you and your cleaning team should just come here for a few days. Please?


Wow, that sounds so easy and great! Good for you!


Well, you have me impressed! My three are a little older than yours and my house is a disaster. A lot of it is because it's summer and they're home and I'm here at work. Doesn't make it nice to get home at the end of a long day! Is it back to school time yet?


Best of Luck on the sale of your home Roz! Where will you be moving to? I hope it will be bright and airy and illustrator inspiring!


I hope, your move will not be too stressful! As my father is in the military, too, I know how much energy a move can bind, but also how inspiring it can be sometimes. I have moved about every two and a half years until the age of twenty... Although I can´t imagine staying in one place til I´m old, I am happy now, that I don´t have to move so often any more.

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