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Yay Clay-mation!


Hiya Roz! Congrats on the house! Our closing date is also Sept. first! I'll be thinking about you as you go through what I've just....I'm too tired to talk about it! haha!

Paige Keiser

Roz, I really enjoyed reading through this! On the "five things about me" section I have the same problem as you (# 3) - I don't know WHY that is, but the corner of my mouth turn up. sooo wierd and embarrassing to boot!

Paige P.

Hey Roz! Nice getting to know more about you. Congratulations on the house/move! I'll admitt that I've watched (and enjoyed immensely) JoJo's Circus and Koala Brothers too. They're both really good shows and the characters are soooo beautiful (especially Koala Brothers). BTW, there aren't any kids at my house!


Oh! I do that too (smile at bad news) and I hate it! I thought I was the only one who did it until I passed it on to MY son! Perhaps it's genetic?

Yay for Wallace and Grommit (get off me cheese!)

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