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i like that violet checkered sleepwear(?)esp.


Nice thought and original media!!

alison ashwell

She's lovely


sweet as always...how you can get bits of fabric to look so expressive is beyond me! love the little thought bubbles:)


Lovely illustration. I like the idea and the realisation.


So sweet Roz!!!! Love her fuzzy slippers.


Your work has just the perfect touch - nicely done as usual Roz! She's precious!


How true... and how soft and lovely your image is...
I think of children each time I paint a picture, or create an image. You captured the moment perfectly!


She is so sweet Roz. I love the PJ's!


I like the idea behind this one Roz, and her hair looks so cute.

Kay Susan

Nice collage, looks like Maisie's fuzzy felt game! Lovely illustration.


Lovely, art. Btw, I enjoyed your sample postcard in the 2005 Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Market. Very clever.

Amy Moreno

This is absolutely perfect! The concept, tenderness, position, scale of the girl, world and thought bubbles, the use of the fabric/texture. It's wonderful. Use it in a promo somewhere!
By the way, my young daughter read your blog the other day and enjoyed it so much that she still comments about it, days after. She remembers your name, what you said and your art. You've got what it takes to capture the imagination of a child. (as well as adults)


Thank you all so very much. It's so heartwarming to get positive feedback from you. Keeps me going!

Amy, If I could hug your daughter in person, I would. Thank you so much for taking the time to tell me that. It has made my day, you have no idea. =O)

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