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Yes, childs and pets never feel empty. Nice idea and great illo !!


Ooooh, so cute Roz!! I love all the exuberant joy !! The doggie is sooo cute! How neat that you stumbled across it and that it now inspires you on a new level. So interesting! Reminds me of our last 'Studio Friday Playtime' when we were all 'rearranging our messes', ahahah. Found some interesting things indeed. ;-)
It will be interesting to see how it will influence your style :-D


Looking at this one lifts my mood tremendously! Sooo cute! I love the eyes of the girl and her dancing ponytails! And that dog! Makes me want to dance, too!


Great quote - I love it. And I love your artwork - glad you found it and shared it with all of us. Your work is always so fun and full of life!


clever, Rozzie! and cute...


They look so happy. Great idea behind it too.


How neat to see some of your earlier fabric stuff! I like this one a lot!!!


Thank you. That is so sweet and inspirational. You have a wonderful talent.


Very cute, with lots of emotion!


So sweet! Your illos always make me happy :)

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