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You always have such great, inspirational posts and usually when I need them the most. :)



Aw, thanks Courtney. I usually write something like this when I need it myself too. I'm glad you got something out of it too.


Thank you for your post! Good thatt you remind us this things.

Amy Moreno

You are such a doll...thanks for mentioning my blog..the funny thing is that I've been thinking exactly the same thing about the comparison trap...I loved what you wrote..so true..and such a terribly deceptive pitfall. Another aspect of it is to rejoice in the acheivements of others..choose to cheer others on rather than fall into the pit of self-pity and comparison..which is a no-win place to be.
Great post..and thanks again!


What a great quote! My struggles with my graduation immediately came to my mind...I think that not only does hard work usually pay off, but that it also makes that what we achieve often more valuable. And in the process of all that work, we can learn so much about ourselves! If it all came too easily, we would probably not learn all that much...Of course, we don´t always have to take the hard way, I guess ;-)
One thing I learned from taking the hard way is patience and a certain confidence that I am able to achieve a lot of things that I at first did not believe I could ever do. But I was always convinced, that I should never let all my fears and insecurities rule my life, but rather try to overcome them. I found out, I can succeed in things that I´m not really cut out for, things which are really difficult for me. Now, I can´t wait to find out what else I can accomplish when finally doing something I really love and I really want to do!
Once, I read that life is not a sprint, but a marathon. And although it took a while to really sink in, it helped me to have more patience with myself. No one has to make it from A to Z in one huge step!


This is exactly what I needed to hear. I feel so stuck right now with no idea what to do next. I find myself spending too much time looking at everyone's work and successes screaming, "...why can't I create like that?" Which keeps me at a standstill knowing I will "never paint like them". I think I'm going to steer clear of the web for a while and learn to paint like me or at least try!!
Thank you Roz - hopefully you are right!!


Not only do you inspire me constantly you really reach deep into my psyche sometimes and give it a good shake with the words you write. Thank- You for being you!

Paige Keiser

Roz, that illo. is one of your best! Wonderful!

p.s. your site is like a warm fire in a fireplace. SO Cozy and comforting.


I really like the quote too. It's so true, and I can relate to comparing my work to others. Your Emma illustration looks great. I'm sure you'll reach your goals Roz!

Mariah DeMarco

I have seen your work on illustration Friday a couple of times, and every time, I think, man, I need to come back when I have some time (so rare)and really read/admire/see this blog! Its all so wonderful and so considerate to share so much info (i.e. how to make a dummy book link) I LOVE your 3-d art! Its so so great! Thanks for adding so much beauty to the world, through your art & through your spirit!


Hi Roz, I am glad I found your site and this post.

My main problem is that I don't know WHAT it is that I want. But I am beginning to have an idea so your musings are an inspiration :) I like your quote, too, because that is my greatest stumbling block, I don't like hard work! But I have a hunch that my attitude may change once my dream has become clearer.

Many thanks, Kerstin


Go Rozzie! Excellent quote, excellent link, excellent post.


Wow, everyone...thanks so much for making the time to leave a comment. YOU have inspired ME today. Thanks!


You really struck a chord here Roz. Thank you for your thoughtful, inspiring words...and for a great look at Emma. She is destined to steal the hearts of many - she already got mine! Love your dedication to your craft and your warmth and encouragement for fellow soujourners in the creative arts! HUGS, Becky


Great quote and I love little Emma and her panda. : )


everytime i have low esteem that i go to your site and would always find something to cheer me up- i thank God for that for.....

i know those dreams of yours will be realized soon!

i am waving back my hand to emma and best regards to you!

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