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How neat!! I am so happy for you that things are coming along and starting to fall into place. That is wonderful!
Your self sketch is so cute, I love it! I must say that you look very happy in it though despite the chaotic circumstances at that time I guess ;-) hahaha, love it!!


hahahaha, I didn't even notice tine, you're right! I guess it does look like I'm smiling. Yeah, I've been feeling very scatterbrained but not unhappy. I guess that came across subconciously.


Oh! Perfect! Your sketchbook sketch is so me. Slug. Needing direction. Yep. Me.

Love your Studio Friday post!


Hahaha, so funny Rozzie! :-D


Nice choice Roz - I love it that you use your sketchbooks like journals. It is really wonderful to look back and see where your mind and heart were 6 months, 2 years, 5 years ago. Your sketch of you is great - I know the feeling.


why not? those are beautiful sketch diaries and i like your self sketch! enjoy your days!

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