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Aww, I'm so sorry you're leaving Texas, Roz! I know how great S.A. is, having grown up there. We also will be moving in a few months due to my husband's job. We're going to Waco! Can you believe it? From a huge metro city like Houston, to a small town...it's hard to imagine. We went house shopping this last weekend (window shopping, really) and I'm a little excited about the possibility of living somewhere else after five years.
But, I'm lucky enough not to have to deal with kids. :) I remember moving a lot growing up. I'm sure your kids will be okay- especially with such a rockin' mom! Oh, and I just saw on a program that Las Vegas is a great city to raise a family!


OMG Rozzie, that is both wonderful and exciting but also as I know tough. I am still immigrating to Canada even after 3 years of having been here.
I am sure it will all work out for you and the kids. There is a reason you're moving...


Your mind and body know how hard moving is and so your feelings are quite understandable and valid. There's a grief involved, too, in your having to leave (not to mention that you're dealing with the loss of your Sugar). Tough stuff. Your blogging buds are behind you and are here to listen as you use the blog to express your feelings.


Hi Paula, Dee and Tine.
Thanks so much,my blogging buds, for your kind words and support!
It means a lot I can tell you.


Hey! My parents live in Vegas. I'm sure you'll grow to love it. It changes SO much every year, and seems to just get better and better. Sorry you have to leave your home, but Vegas, baby, Vegas!!!


I hope that didn't sound insensitive . . . Just trying to be positive. I know how hard moving is. I do! Big x's to you and your family.


Heck no, not insensitive at all, Shano! I like the encouragement. My parents still own a house out there that they've been renting out and they said they'll move back there too now that we're going. That will help the kids get through it so much to know they will have family there too.
I am looking forward to seeing how it has changed! Like hubby says it will be a glorified vacation. teehee


Wishing you luck in your move. I was so sorry to hear about the loss of Sugar. She looks like she was a real sweetheart. She can't really be gone because she still lives in your heart, I see.

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