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ahhh, Roz, that is so sweet about your Dad, makes my heart melt.
Enjoy a little bit of summer, you have a busy time ahead of you!
It will be fun to see Emma with her makeover and the promo illustration is going to be cute as a button.

missed you while you were gone.

p.s. i love cracker barrel, I could spend a small fortune in there.


I just finished reading Things I Wish I'd Known Sooner by Jaroldeen Edwards. Its kind of a catch-all for things about motherhood, marriage, etc. She is the mother of 12 children, so she has experience to speak from. I got it through my library via inter-library loan, but I think you can get it online for about $5. Its a quick read, but I found it inspiring. Just to kind of help you cherish the time you are going through in your life, whatever it may be.


Great little cake timer you found there Rozzie!! Mhhh, so so yummy, if I had that one in my studio I'd want to eat a slice of cake any time I looked at it, hahahaha! :-))
I can totally see you having the beginning of a great fun collection going there!
Your sketch will look great in colorful felt, so cute!! :-D

**sparkly glittery shiny sparkles* to you for your weekend!!


I just finished reading two great books. Daughter of Fortune and House of Spirts by Isabel Allende. Both are about strong Chilean women with mystic/spirtual undertones, romance and some humor. Great summer reads. There is also an egyptian mystery series I was really into a few months back. Elizabeth Peters is the author, they're called the Amelia Peabody Mystery Series. They're really fun too. I love summer reading! :)


"The Other Sister" and "Vanishing Point" by JOdi Picoult are awesome -- actually anything Jodi Picoult is a great read. (=


That egg timer is so yummy! The house we're moving into has a really neat odd room. I've stolen it for my studio, and I'm so excited! I've decided that I want to have a theme for my new space, and am considering all of the insane collections I have. It's kind of funny when you really look at your possessions and realize what you've picked up.
Oh, a great book is "The Secret Life of Bees" by Sue Monk Kidd. I'm a convert of hers now, and can't wait until I can get my hands on "The Mermaid Chair." If you like intricate stories try anything by Alice Hoffman. I love her. Oh! or try Jennifer Weiner: "Good in Bed", "In Her Shoes" "Little Earthquakes." I would recommend you go to the Half-Price Book store (my favorite place!) and you can peruse for a nice bargain.


Thanks for all the great suggestions!


Just getting caught up on my blogs. I had to tell you that your little sketch is darling! Have you ever considered using some of your work for greeting cards?

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