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Oh, Roz, can daddy's feel the same way? 'cause I'm feeling it! You wrote the exact same feelings I've felt since I started working at home.


Oh yes Daddy Garth, Of course! Ahem...if there are any dads out there that mumble at there computer as there children reak havoc in the background , this is for you too. ;o)


Hi Roz,

I know how you feel however my kids are now 27 and 28 and they're great! All of the extra time and encouragement i gave to them was worth it in the end. They are highly creative and successful individuals. We spent many summers having art shows in the backyard for the neighbourhood, bug hunts where EVERYONE Won something!! Jessica and Ryan have many fond memories of having all of their friends over, playing on the trampoline and creating art! Why...when Ryan was in High School (aged 16) i even bought a folding table to accomodate all of his friends for lunch....about 8 of them. I loved them all and i have got to say Roz it truly payed off. Wishing you a wonderful summer of joy and mayhem :)...they both seem to go hand in hand.

Love, Violette


Joy and Mayhem. How appropriate, Violette. hahha!
Yeah, the challenge for me had been finding the balance with it all. Being able to pursue my dream while still raising well adjusted kids. Many times I've thought I need to stop doing this until they are fully grown but that was until I saw the pride in my daughters face when I did a 'school visit' at her school. It finally dawned on me that I'm showing her (and my boys) that 'moms are people too'.

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