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Paige Keiser

What and excellent idea Rozzie! I'm gonna have to borrow that. you don't mind do you? ;-)



Of course! I hope it works well for you too. I have found it really helps when I'm dreading the drawing board too. If I tell myself that I just need to work for 15 minutes and I can stop it usually is the nudge I need to get on with it! =O)


I know I've heard this from you before, but thanks for saying it again. Instead of waiting to finish my all my work from one project, I can work for 15 minutes on my dummy. I don't need to work on finishing the whole project in one sitting! you are such a smart cookie.
love the timeer, that is perfect!!!


That sounds great Roz, I will give it a try next week :-D

Have a **sparkly* weekend with hopefully lots of sunshine for you and the kids!!


great idea! i hope to be able to get rid of that word "i should have..." (my husband is teasing me already everytime i say that phrase....)and try my very best to make that "15 minutes" work.... thanks to you!


Great Idea! I'm going to go do it right now. :)

Aimee Roo

i really loved that part of flylady's system!

oh, and that shawn egg timer is so darn cute! i saw one on ebay and almost won it, but was beaten out at the last min. i may just have to order one for myself. :)


That is such good and true advice! It used to be that I wouldn't even attempt any sewing if I didn't have a block of time to devote to it. I've since learned that you can do a lot with even a few minutes. Love your blog, btw.

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