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Hehe, I like your "glass" Roz. :-) So cool. The dragonflies are cute (I can't believe you'stole' it, ts ts! hahaha). Buttons are always so interesting with all their shapes and colours and textures.
Your pincushion holder is also very inspiring... :-) And that rabbit... sweet!

Happy **sparkly* friday to you Rozzie!!


PS: It's so funny that we all don't have a lot of glass in our studios. I thought I was the only one having a tough time with it.

Aimee Roo

I like it!

I actually have a lot of glass in my studio. I should take a photo just to show you how much! :)

What a fun blog Roz. Happy to have found you.


Did you paint the bunny on the rock, Roz? It's such a cuty! ;-)


As a matter of fact, yes, tine I did. I found it the other day in an old box and was so delighted to find it. One of my phases where i got into rock painting for a couple of years. =o)

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