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Hedge--you are so secretive about these matters--who knew?
Congratulations on wearing the crown and being Queen for a Day. I told ya so! The kids are always great and very appreciative. Just hope you always get a parking space!


Congratulations, and great to hear that you enjoyed it and wants to do it again. Sounds great. I hope I'll get to experience to speak about my work to children sometime in the future.


Soooo proud of you Roz, you are awesome!! :-D
I can imagine what it was like, soo fantastic. I am so happy for you that you stepped out of your box!! Emily must have been the proudest student in the whole school for having such a great mom... ;-)



Way to go Roz! Those kids are probably the best audience you'll ever have. They're still sweet, and to them, you're a magical creature who gets to DRAW and make ART for a living! woooow. If this is any indication of how kids work: I almost always read a picture book of some kind when I introduce a new topic or unit of study to my seventh graders. When I pull out that book, and explain what we're going to study and how the book relates to it, my kids get so excited! They come sit on the floor at my feet and pay such close attention. Oh, and seeing the pictures is the most important part! They are never so well behaved as they are when I'm reading aloud to them. :)


Thanks you guys, I appreciate the support!
Snowbear, no not secretive, just overwhelmed with a lot this week. I had fully intended on sharing the news with you all much sooner. =o)

Mae, I'm so thrilled to read that 7th graders still get excited about books too!
You must have so much fun with your students.


Yay Roz! And yay to helper Emily too!!!


Congratulations! I'll bet you were really inspiring! I wish i was a fly on the wall.



Hey Roz,

I haven't visited you in awhile, and I'm sorry because I always enjoy it here when I do. Congratz on the school visit! I remember my first visits didn't turn out as well as yours did. I was just a scared chicken, scared of 2nd graders, go figure. I did awful, but they'd swarm me for autographs afterward and make me feel like a celebrity. Now today I got invited to speak at a conference in Tampa where I will have to do a panel discussion and lead two workshops! And my stomach is reverting back to those 2nd grade speaking days. Oh my gosh.

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