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That was a great idea to ask for these details about your main character. Even if none of these things show up in a concrete form in the final product, it will help you define her as a person in the illustrations.


This sounds like a great project. It's nice to make something that will encourage others.


I love this!!!! I am the author of this book and I very much appreciate everything you have done. please continue to pray for us. Roz, you are a special person and I hope many people receive a blessing from our work.


Kelly, I'm so glad you stopped by! Give that gorgeous girl a hug from me!


That's a great posting, Roz! Like you said on my blog, we DO get more involved in our projects than just merely supplying the art. Appreciate you sharing Skyler with us. It would be nice if those "10 Facts" could somehow make it into the book (on the back cover, the flap--somewhere).

Skyler Tucker

I kinda liked this book too.. Hello, I'm Skyler. My mom is Kelly Tucker. & I was really happy when I read all of yall's comments. I couldn't have gotten through my sickness if it wasn't for all the great people praying and hoping for my remission. Thank you.

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