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Nice illustration, Roz. We always made our tents indoors over chairs.


Oh Roz,
just what I neede to hear today. You are awesome!!
That is such a wonderful illustration!! Could almost be myself with our "little" (she's still growing fast being a 4 months old golden Retriever puppy)Maya!! Oh totally.
Just gorgeous :-)


That is one of my ALL time favorite quotes...EVER. I reread it several times a year...especially when I need a little push. Thanks for posting it!!! Today was a good day to read it.
Your illustration is very sweet and lovely. I can remember days just like that as a kid.


Yes, isn't it a great quote? It helps me during my low times. I may not be the most talented illustrator out there, but it's my passion and I give it %100. That should count for something , right!


that is a very professional illustration. really sweet..


Lovely illustration, Rozzie... and thanks for the quote - it's now on my bulletin board in HUGE letters. Passion and persistence!


This is such a great post, very encouraging. Lovely illustration too.


You are totally right. This business is not a cake walk. And I've met quite a few talented artists who dropped the pencil because it was not immediate gratification. Your illustration is wonderful and I wonder if the lil' girl is looking through one of your illustrated books...


Love this illustration Roz! Great color choice and perspective. I too love to read and found myself buried in about 5-6 books a week as a child. Hmmm cannot find the time to read much any more except in the loo(whoa, did I say that??)


Great illustration. I used to love to be by myself reading too (and I still do). It looks so peaceful and comfortable.

Wee Ellen

OOOH! Warm Fuzzy! I remember doing this when I was a kid. Lovely illo as always!

Mindy Wilson

Gosh, I feel a little un-worldly... I don't know if I have read that quote before today. Yes, I admitted it. So, thank you! I love it.
"nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent" this truth drives me batty! I hate to see people who never try to do something with the talent they have.

I really think your image is great too. Just perfect. Do you think she would mind if I look at the book with her?

Mindy Wilson


Nice illustration and quote!! I always want to be IN your pieces!


thanks 4 your kind comments on my illo!
i really like yours too: i would say it is both charming and very skilled.


You made my day, thank you for quote and illustration.


Very inspiring quote. Just a testimonial on that, persistence just got me a dream job as an illustrator, toy designer, animator. I can't say it was anything more than just plugging along day after day, despite the nagging doubts.

I love your work. I'm inspired by that as well. It's good to see your work week after week. Keep plugging along Roz!!!

Li'l Wytch

Great quote. I'm too lazy to be persistant lol Great illo too :)


I'm so glad to read that you enjoyed this quote as much as I did...and Garth if you ever come back to read this...a big congrats on the big job!!!


That illustration brings me back to my own childhood! I was an only child and spent one whole summer in a tent in my parents backyard. I would fantasize about running away with a bunch of other kids and living in tents in the middle of the woods... Thanks for the memory!


this is perfect!.... I wanna be there too.. well then she wouldn`t be alone but ehe anyway she looks so happy and relaxed..this is what I want now :) I like your illo so much.. have a great week..

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