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Thank goodness our portfolios AREN'T ever finished, what with our propensity for getting bored with a piece within hours of completing it. :-P


Great to hear about your portfolio journey. I've read a lot about putting a portfolio together, and I'm about to do it now. I've done a lot of sketching. My old portfolio is full of pieces I don't like anymore, and they don't fit very well to the childrens book market, so I have to make a lot of new illustrations.


I too have been working on a strong and unique illustrative style. I allow myself however to shift and flow each with each illustration. I find that as I do, more emotion come through in my work and can be seen as a link throughout my work. Thanks for sharing your helpful insight into this process.


Hey Roz,

Thanks for visitin'. You are the second person to visit today who actually knew who Andrea is. Anyway, great post you have here. Good points and it reminds me I need to revamp my portfolio. Actually, I havent had one in years, so I need to create one!

All the best.


So glad that I read this, I have a portfolio critique next month and really needed to get focused! Thanks for passing on the great information :) Off to the drawing table....


Thank the publishing gods that you and your buddies exist! I can't tell you how helpful your combined posts are to aspiring illustrators such as myself. The best thing is, you write it in plain English! Imagine!
I'm hurriedly trying to get my minimum number of illo set in my portfolio (10-12) so I can post it on my website, therefore allowing me to send out promotional postcards with my website on them! Oh, there I go, getting ahead of myself again. haha, you rock, Roz!


Hey Roz, I appreciate all you guys discussing your perspective on building a portfolio. Question: What do the experts you talk to say about using already published work? I don't see anyone speaking about that, yet I always thought that was important, as it demonstrated one's work in action, as well as a track record.

Just wondering.


As far as I know, absolutely yes, show artwork that has been published if it's a strong piece that represents ones' style well. The majority of mine are pieces that are published. However, I have some published pieces that will never see the light of day again because I was so unhappy with the way they turned out.


Uh huh...I hear ya. I, too, have got a slew of published stuff that "will never see the light of day", as you said.

So, yes, published client work is a good thing. The bonus, as I said before, is not only will it display your style, but demonstrate you can be taken seriously, I guess is one way to say it. Someone hired you and published your piece. You were able to meet the obligations that went along with that. Hence it's good to take on some jobs (whatever jobs) to show your ability to meet client needs.


That is such a good point, Paula, about taking jobs that aren't necessarily all that great of pay or name credit. But their value is in the experience! It's a process and each job is a stepping stone from one level to the next.

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