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This one is PERFECT for you, Roz, because that's exactly what you do! You spread sunshine everywhere you go. :-)


You are a sunshine indeed Roz!! :-)

I can't wait for you to have it. Sunshine soul birdie is gone on a looong flight and should land safeley by mid next week on your doorstep.
Wow, it will sit in such a beautiful spot on your desk, that is sooo fantastic!! I love it, love it, love it!!

And do you know, when I sent it off the rain arrived here and we even had hale today! Kinda weird isn't it...?!



Glad to see you are being good to yourself--important to do! Enjoy--you deserve it (we all need our little Hermans or Sunshines--whatever the case may be)!


What a great little bird. I totally understand that you're exctited about - and waiting for this.


Okay , okay Tine and Janee....what is it going to cost me for all this praise? =oP

Thanks all for sharing in the excitement!


Ooh! So lovely and inspiring! Yay for you and your space above your drawing board!!

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