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Roz! Valentine is sooo adorable! What a cute dog, I love it!! Lounging, hehe. :-) That's so funny.
Poor you with having to clean her muddy paws and belly after a good play in the rain... Our Maya would probably look just like Valentine after a play in the rain, all black with mud til we rinse her off...hahaha! She hasn't had the chance yet. ;-)
Maya was all sick last weekend, which was enough cleaning for us to do, too...oh well.
Hope your kids feel better now :-)


What a wittle wascal! She's full of personality I can see. She should hang with the "Roo"--she hates water of all types and can't stand to get her tootsies wet in the rain.


hahaha...what a pampered pooch she is!


Val has the life, eh? She's so sweet looking! My husband let out a big "ooooooh!" when he saw her pic (he loves dogs!) Thanks for sharing your Val with us!

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