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Very cool! Great layout, I love your idea with the baseball bases in the corners and the expression on the boys' face is wonderfully happy and cheerful. And the detail up top with the two gloves in the ribbon/garland is so neat!
Really cool, Roz! It will look really beautiful when it's coloured. :-)
Can't wait to see it!!!


Looks great, Roz!


very cool roz! i would love to see this in colour.....i can just imagine it!



Nice job Roz. Do you worry about making your art so ready-available for download and possible use? I've been wondering about that on my space.


Great revision--too bad they won't take the "felt approach" though.
But easier for you, right?


Thanks everyone! I will show you the printed version when it comes out in June. They will take my black inkline and then drop their colors into it.

Don, I'm concerned but these illustrations are saved smaller and at a much lower resolution. If someone were to download it, they'd get a pretty cruddy reproduction. Also, before I show anything that has to do with an assignment, I ask permission by the publisher beforehand.

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