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I can just see you zipping around town in one of those, Roz!


What are you waiting for? Go take it for a test drive! I can see it now, successful author/illustrator zipping along with her hair blowing in the wind--!


Oh Roz, you should get one! My best friend in the whole world has one. Actually, she has the blue one in the picture. It's called Aquarius Blue, and it's the funnest little thing. We zip all over, and I've even been lucky enough to drive it once or twice. It is a car that makes you smile just looking at it, and giggle like a madwoman when you drive it.

*Jenny B

Dream it Rozzie! It will happen!


It's a great car, our daughter has one. She loves it. Hmmm, will you call it the the Rozzie Bug Mobile?

Yes and they are crickets, are they in your back yard too? :)


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