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So cute! This makes a wonderful cover. Thanks for sharing! :-)


What a cute crowd. It looks like a really nice place to live. Like the colors you've used too.


I can just hear them now, "MOOOOOve over, you're HOGging all the room!" :-P


Ahhhhhw, this is an adorable illustration! Those animals are all so huggable. Lovely all around.


Hey Roz,

VERY cute animal-guys! Good choice for this weeks "Crowded" theme.

Paige Keiser (Fox in Socks)

Soooooooooooo cute Roz! Looks like there's another gal named paige. i thought i had alzheimers there for a second--i was like, "gee i don't remember posting here." lol

Paige K


What a lovely illustration, those animals are so sweet.


Your book is on their page! Cool!

:-) Anastasia


I love your barnyard animal family! I have a thing for piggies (I love to draw them!)I'll have to post a pic of one. I love yours, he looks so friendly!


I looove all your animal illustrations Roz. They are such characters!! ;-)



Roz, your work always makes me smile. They are so full of character, life, vim and vigor! Wonderful work, as always!

And wonderful you for sharing so many tips and pointers to those of us just starting out. Your generous spirit should be repaid manyfold by the good karma fairy!


Oh my gosh, that's adorable ! I luv that they are all waving their paws at us. Great illustration and great job on framing the animals in a curve !

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