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Who knew grocery shopping could be so fun? And he even knew who you were!! How cool is that?


An HEB of all places! So did you buy a book?

I found Bill's website:


My favorites are his Tejano album/CD covers!


Absolutely! Bought a book and had them both sign.
Thanks for the link , I'll add it to the blog post. =O)


What fun! I'm going to have to go buy that book for my sister and all her little wieners. :-)

I failed the business card test this weekend too, Roz.


Well it sounds like you had a very cool day indeed!! I think its a good idea to think outside the box when marketing your books and illustrations!!



But you gave them your website URL, right? I find that telling someone that is almost just as good as carrying around those cards.
I never woulda thunk a grocery store would have book signings---hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, the promotion queen will have to mull that one over!

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