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Hey! That's cool!


That is the neatest thing ever--thanks for sharing it with us! There is a cool little book with photographs of objects that have faces-have you seen it? I have no idea what it is called or else I'd look it up on amazon.


Haha! That is soo cool, Roz. Thanks for brighten up my day with Kevvy's little smiley ladybug reflection. To me it looks like a little ladybug that's wearing a little bow on it's head. :-D
Oh my, that is soo funny, do you think it might be a sign for you??!


Paige Keiser

It's the all powerful Oz! That's neat Roz!


Hee hee! That is great!!


That is too cute roz, but now i'm dying to see the frog!


Well, I'm thrilled that you guys out there saw it too. I showed Jesse (my oldest son) and Hubby and they were unimpressed. hahahaha

Snow- I wish you knew the name of that book!

Tine- Yep, for me it was a sign,absolutley. heehee




That is soo cool! Thanks for sharing it! When the street lite comes through my bedroom window it casts a heart onto my bedroom drapes hanging over my bed. I always say its the universe's way of saying it loves me!

I would love to see your frog!


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