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Ah, Roz, you wrote your blog just for me!!! You are such a wealth of information. Thanks for putting all this on your site. I love it.



Oh wow, Roz, this is so neat!
If I should do it one fine day and become an Illustrator I will come over and give you a great bear hug, can I do that?! ;-)
I've been thinking about it and thinking and procrastinating and procrastinating a little more...(sigh), me an Illustrator? Nah, that's what other people do, but not me...(sigh).
I'm still trying to figure out which direction excactly my talents are leading me.
Thanks for putting all this on your site, I just need a little push maybe...(ha! Where is my pushangel when I need him or her?!) and then my path will become clearer and clearer. :-D
I'm heading into the right direction, that much I know, just need to get the steering more precise.


Bear hugs are always welcomed ,thanks you guys.
I think we're all in the same boat trying to find our way.
You are very talented , Tine , I have no doubt YOUR way is going to find you!


Thanks, Roz, I am keeping my eyes and ears wide open, believe me... :-D


I've been imptaiently waiting for my copy of the "Market" book to arrive; it's finally here! I've been voraciously reading it, and am already making several "notes to self." Thank you for being such a great resource to those of us who are taking our first steps towards realizing a dream. I love looking at your website. Not only are you uniquely creative, you're also extremely savvy. Lucky for us you're so willing to share that intelligence!


Oops, here we go. This is the REAL link to my website. Sorry!


Oh, I'm so glad that you are finding it helpful, I appreciate you taking the time to let me know.
I'm thrilled to read that there are people out there pursuing their dreams!


I'm really glad you wrote this. Thanks.

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