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*Jenny B

A bath sounds wonderful right now! I love your illo... and your attitude!


Oh I could use a hot bath right now to chase the blues away. I love your take on this... especially since mine was so anguishing. I really enjoy your artwork!


hee hee...great idea! i'm sure everybody who gets to your post will being taking a break from the other posts!i know off i go! (rubber ducky, you're the one...)


Don't forget the candles and a glass of wine! Those were the days!

I spent the first stages of labor in my tub and we ran out of hot water so my husband had to keep adding potfuls of boiling water from the stove to keep me in semi-comfort. Sorrow ain't the word for it!

Nice illo!


Excellent! Can't help thinking about all the cutting to make these.:)


Roz, that image is wonderful and it does make me want to go take a hot bath!!! Oh the simple joys in life. lavendar bubble bath here i come.


Oh my, this is so magical, Roz!! I love the bubbles and the little rubber ducky...*sigh* :-D

How coincidental, just tonight I was thinking about taking a hot bath ( Im a shower girl!) in our new bath tub for the first time because my feet are aching from my walks to work (hurrying home on my walk of 40 mins. to let our puppy out of her crate she was in while I was gone was hard on my shins.
Finally at home: she had already peed in her crate...argh!).
Oh well, I will sleep well tonight :-)

{ I will hopefully get my bike soon to speed things up a little! }

I'm a little behind with my Illustration Fridays and just posted my "Flight" one from last week... :-D


Thanks for the alternate idea on "sorrow" Roz! I just couldn't face the sorrow illustration this week. Too much in the past two weeks to deal with it. Your illustration brightened my day!




I've just visited a handful of the already 77 posted entries for this week....and it only made me bummed. Your illo though is making me smile (and so is that cute hedgehog up there!) This week's theme is a little rough.


Oooh Roz, I'm very impressed with how well this illustration reduces down. All the sweet details are wonderful!


Im so glad this is cute.. Nice to see the uplifting ones! very sweet


How cute!




This is beautiful. I love the uplifting feel!


Oh this is Great Roz. It looks like so much fun. How did you do the bubbles?


Thanks everyone for your comments!
It's always so uplifting to hear from you all. Becky, the bubbles are beads.


I love a good hot bath, too, but I don't have to wait for sorrow for that!lol...my favorite sorrow indulgence is chocolate!


A gorgeous illustration! I love the details...and your positive spin on the subject matter.


What a great illo....i think a hot bath really does a world of good when you are sad....some days i take two!


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