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How cute is that? I can't wait to find such notes left for me!

You're a lucky lady---by the way about your comment today on my blog....


Oh, and don't forget to stop at McDonald's today and get those nuggets...and the rootbeer.


I was going to mention the signature before I finished reading your post. I look back on cards I gave my mom and I always signed my last name. That's too funny! I wonder if it's because kids spend all day writing their full names on their school papers.


roz, that is so cute. my brother will still leave his full name on my voice mail. Heather, this is your brother, Ray Bowden...I used to tease him when he was little for signing his full name to things to my mom and that little joke has always stuck with us!

*Jenny B

So cute! I love the swirly quilting pattern of the paper towel. I may write all my notes on paper toweling from now on. ;o)


Oh how sweet!!!

You are so blessed with your beautiful children, Roz. That is so wonderful! Your heart must be bursting with love and happiness!
Keep us posted on how it went. :-D


I hope you're keeping this! I kept a lot of similar notes from my children (and tried to date them on the back) and we enjoy them more and more as time goes by.


How SWEET!!!

mmmmm chicken nuggets....


This is absolutely, absolutely precious, and reminds me of the days when my son would leave notes. One in particular was for the tooth fairy that forgot to take his tooth and leave him some money on the first night....(How could I forget?!). The next nite when I went in to retrieve the tooth, there was a note SECURELY attached with scotchtape. It read..."Gimme it!" (the money).
I must have left him something like 5 bucks.


Thanks everyone! Isn't it funny how we all go through that phase? I bet you're right, Holli, probably because we had to do it in school. That would explain the LINE under emily's name...just like they do on the school printouts.

Jan, I'm definitely saving these things but I regret that I haven't kept a journal like my mum suggested when my first was a baby. SHe said to write down their funny comments and I kick myself that i haven't. You think you'll always remember these things and you don't. SIGH.

And Theresa, I tried real hard to get her the rootbeer as requested but they said they didn't sell it. BOOHOO. SHe survived with a coke, though. hahaha

Thanks again all.


I just joined the childrens illustrator blog ring-thanks for listing it on your site very excited!


Oh my goodness, that is just priceless. I love it!!

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