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Hi Roz,
May I offer you a sandwich too?

Great idea for a promo piece--I love all the activity.

The boy with the fish should be off balance since the leash is wrapped around his legs--just bend him at the knee and put one leg up--makes more sense with the fish bowl all askew.
Tilt the girl's hat up so that the flow of action is not following her-the wind would blow it up--you could even show the inside if you want.
And the last suggestion--which is only to try and make the drawing even stronger would be to give the winner even more focus by a stronger pose--she seems lost in all the chaos around her. Since this is a sketch I don't know what your plans on for color--but you could make her "POP" that way or have her raise her hand with the ribbon in triumph---Or even put the ribbon in the bird's beak.
Hope you don't mind my crashing the picnic.
The bottom layer of the sandwich is this is a good illustration with lots of kids and action which should attract some good prospects. Nicely done!


Are you kidding?! You can crash my picnic any time you like. Thanks for the wonderful suggestions, snowbear! Back to the drawing board. =o))


Hey! The kneeling boy looks much more comfy now! :-)


I can't wait to see this done up in felt! So cute!


Love the sketch, Roz! Also enjoyed seeing how your crit group helps with feedback. Very cool! A good start becomes great ! Looking forward to seeing the felt finish!

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