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She's adorable! Though, because you were talking about softies, and her pose & expression, she looks like she may have met her fate with a nasty steamroller. =)


I found you through Giao...and a good thing I did because although I suspected that you were an IF participant, I missed your link! Now I've found another interesting site, softies!! Never heard of those before and your work is just so cute and darling! This looks like something I'd want to join in...thanks again for posting the link.


I don't think we mind when you stick with these instead of real softies ;0) Your work is absolutely amazing!


Hey, I can post today! Nice little kittie--somebody save her though!
Oh, you're gonna love the month of softies--it's so much fun!


Yeah, poor kitty falling into the water. But to be fair, she WAS being mean to King Frog. It was bound to happen. =O)
Thanks everyone!

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