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I personally love this piece. But thanks for the great story and the link to the online class! That might be just the thing to keep me going this year!


you have grown so much as an artist over the last two years, keep exploring and enjoying the process! I can see that whismy and character even in the early work.


Hi girl, I don't no which I like best the post or picture. Thank you!


i love your froggies. i'm a wee bit afraid of comments as well, that's why i started doing illo fri.(conquer you fears, right!) but i notice that it's habitual for me to do very cursory work...that's why i admire artists like yourself that follow through, and so well! cheers!


I'm with Heather...I can see shades of your style and whimsy in there, but your current work is much more confident.

wee (aka melanie)

Good for you for being able to accept absorb a critique (justified or not) and come out on top! That takes real courage and maturity! I had an illustration instructor once who said that being successul as an illustrator was 10 per cent talent and 90 percent attitude and obviously, you have a winning attitude! And your work is so lush and llovely and full of charm! Especially your felt illustrations! Happy 2005 Roz! May it deliver on your every bliss!


Love the whole concept and the piece.
And I think the color is just perfect.

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