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alicia Padrón

Wow Roz, loved this! Really loved reading about your day. You are a great artist and a great mom as well. Thanks for the meme :o)


This is so interesting! I love this meme and thanks for sharing your day. You wake up early!!!! (as I am a night owl.)

Phyllis Harris

Hi Roz!

Thanks for the tag but I am leaving for vacation in a couple days and have an insane to do list so hopefully I'll remember when I get back on the 26th...


Thanks, Roz! I'm going to be so embarassed about my day since I don't have kids or even a dog to take care of! You are a super woman indeed! :-) Thanks for the tag!


Holy Moly, Roz! How do you get so much illustration work done with all of that going on?

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