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Nice list. I'm all for buttered popcorn and Disneyland!

kathy weller

Roz - Thanks for sharing!! I lived in LA for the first 9 years of my life and I LOVED Disneyland. I'd love to return some day. :)


Laughers are the most fun! I'm glad to hear you're a laugher. Joke tellers kill me. :O/


I'm right with you on #7! I can never remember a joke. But I can come up with something funny on the spot.

Thanks for playing,

Bron Smith

I enjoyed reading about what makes you unique. Thanks for the comment over at Bookies.I enjoyed looking at your beautiful felt scuptures. I did one once for a magazine story or something. It's time consuming but fun.


okay, missy, we are so on for a meet-up in Disneyland. Um, I just can't go again until the middle of August (i got the cheap annual passes). Don't go without giving me the heads-up!


oh, and happy anniversary! Yeah for love!


oh, and my favorite ride is actually at California Adventure--soaring over California. The first few moments into it, I wept.

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