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kathy weller

I must check out the author! Thank you for the tip! :)

kathy weller

..Oh, on further reading, more illustrators to check out, too! Thanks!!


Is there a better thing to spend money on?? My book shelves are bending a bit in the middle from the books I'm obessessed with. A very good thing I think! Plus- they are business expenses- research!


April most be buy a book month! I bet I've gotten 8 new books so far. OK, some were garage sale finds. :) Two more that I ordered just came in and a couple new releases I want, I'm going to have to hunt for online. Hmmm, and that "Hello Calico" sure looks cute!

Thanks for visiting my blog! Yup, I'm an avid collector too.



Hey, Roz. Check out "If I Built A Car" by Chris VanDusen. The rhymes are great and the illustrations are super keen (very 50's).

I took Anastasia's picture book class last month. What a workout!


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